Kilimanjaro 4 the Kids

Building the future of African talent and global education

Kilimanjaro 4 the Kids?

Building the future of African talent and global education

What are we doing?

In support of Nova Pioneer’s mission to deliver high-quality, 21st Century education to as many African families as possible, we’re excited to announce the initiative Kilimanjaro 4 The Kids (K4TK). This October, a dozen Nova Pioneer teachers and staff will climb Mt. Kilimanjaro to try to raise $100,000 for innovative STEM initiatives! (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, symbolizes the mountain of challenges African youth face in gaining a high-quality education, but also the heights to which we are committed to supporting our students to ascend!

Our aim is to raise at least $70,000 from corporate sponsors and at least $30,000 from individuals across the globe who share Nova Pioneer’s vision of equipping the next generation of Africans to be innovators and leaders.

Kilimanjaro for the Kids

Kilimanjaro for the Kids

Why are we doing it?

The 21st Century is the African Century. In 2035, more young Africans will be entering the workforce than from the rest of the world combined. But in a world where an estimated 50% of jobs that exist today won’t exist in 20 years, students need education models that will equip them with a set of 21st Century skills that will enable them to succeed no matter what the future looks like.

Funds raised from K4TK will build on Nova Pioneer’s existing commitment to focusing on 21st-Century skills by launching innovative new initiatives in the crucial fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Nova Pioneer’s STEM vision is to launch innovative spaces where students and teachers can gather to invent, collaborate, and learn — providing hands-on learning experiences and building STEM-related skills that will empower Novaneers to shape the future.

There are 3 major STEM categories that K4TK will fund:

  • Equipment & Curriculum — creating the space to facilitate innovative STEM learning experiences
    • Makerspace and other STEM collaboration labs
    • Robotics / coding / 3D printing equipment and curriculum
  • Teacher Training — equipping educators to leverage STEM equipment in the classroom
    • Training on using STEM equipment in the classroom
    • STEM educator workshops and immersion cohorts
  • Student Opportunities — empowering students to succeed in STEM beyond the classroom
    • STEM summer enrichment and afterschool programmes
    • Local and international STEM fairs and competitions

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